Summary of 2019: what was it like for our team

December 25th is on the calendar and the desire to join the universal New Year euphoria is building up. Even though we live in southern China, where snow and frost – the main attributes of a winter celebration are not to be found, New Year for every one of us is a magical time. During this festive season, our minds travel back to childhood with presents, Christmas tree, the citric smell of tangerines and most importantly precious time with family. The year is coming to an end and of course, it is a perfect moment to reflect and set new goals. Thus, we also decided to share our accomplishments of the outgoing year.

The biggest achievement of this year

We consider the renovation of our office to be the biggest achievement of this year. It was a global refurbishment, involving services of a professional designer, order of custom-made furniture, installation of new ceilings and lighting. Everything to provide a comfortable workspace for our team was taken into account. We spend a lot of time in the office, therefore we paid special attention to creating the right working environment with Feng Shui, as it has a direct impact on motivation and success.

What new did we learn

This year we realized that the more successful the business is, the more new challenges it must overcome. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to remain positive, believe in what you are doing and bravely move forward.

What innovations happened this year

We engaged to consolidate the tradition of spending quality time with our team outside of work. As often as possible. We participate in various master classes, together we discover new things about Chinese culture, organize tea parties and team outings in nature. These activities are perfect occasions to recharge and establish strong interpersonal relationships within the company. One of the most memorable events of this kind was our collective mosaic master class and a trip to the orange groves.

The most unique order of 2019

Probably, measuring gadgets can be considered the most unique order of 2019. A device to measure moisture, temperature, soil composition is a very unusual promotional gift idea.

The most memorable order

The most interesting order which we will well-remember, are sets of paraphernalia for the UEFA EURO 2020 football championship fans. The project is now underway. The sets will be sold in Switzerland and Italy. It is a very important strategic order for our company. The client – a European company. It is quite significant, that we not only make the product and take care of the logistics but also participate in creating the design layouts.

Plans for the upcoming year

Now we are actively preparing to participate in the promotional gift exhibition in China. The exhibition will take place in Shenzhen during spring, and we hope to interest local companies and advertising agencies with our products.

New Year gifts for the team

It is the company’s tradition to organize a collective trip to a restaurant which is dedicated to Christmas and New Year celebration. We alternate Russian cuisine with Chinese and European. Of course, New Year’s Eve outing does not go without gift giving. Small, but with love and care presents for everyone. Since we are a female team, mainly these are pleasant home and personal care items.

Wishes to partners and clients for the upcoming year

Most importantly, we would like to wish good health to you and your loved ones, family happiness, and prosperity! As for business: flexibility and openness. We work remotely and all the negotiations happen by email, messages, and phone, with a difference in time zones. We encourage our clients and partners to get more feedback so that we can continuously improve the service of the company.


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