Quality Control

Quality control at all stages of the production of promotional products
Control is an essential part of any production process. Especially if you arrange production activities far away in China. Nowadays Chinese factories are equipped with latest technologies, they often invite foreign specialists to keep their production processes up to date, but all these advantages cannot guarantee proper production of your goods. In order to avoid any doubts related to product quality during production process, it would be better to ask help from those companies that could arrange all the necessary actions down to carrying out laboratory tests.
Production quality control is a process of inspecting products to make sure that they meet certain quality requirements mentioned in technical specifications. Usually, after carrying out an inspection, experts draw up a report, in which it would be indicated whether a certain product meets standards and customer’s requirements.

Quality control of any product made in China includes several stages

examinations during production process

inspection of finished products at the time of packaging

inspection before shipping promotional products from China

Typically, Chinese manufacturers are ready to meet the requirements of customers. However, different problems emerge sometimes. In this case, most of customers try to solve them by themselves though it is not best option due to some objective reasons such as lack of knowledge of Chinese regulations, language barrier and many other issues that end up in losses. It is better to entrust negotiations with Chinese manufacturers to professionals who have experience and can defend your interests to reach advantageous solution.
The production control generally performs the following functions:
It is considerably hard to carry out all quality control of Chinese-made products being abroad, so if you don’t have any opportunity to make it by yourself, it would be a wiser option to consult with N-Direct specialists. Our experienced staff is ready to perform product quality control. N-Direct professionals perform inspection of finished products giving particular attention to quality, quantity and precision of details. After products’ quality control procedure completed, our professionals provide a detailed report that discloses all the information about measurements, valuations and quantities, tests results etc.
A Chinese manufacturer with good reputation would certainly assist in carrying out product quality control procedures. That is why one should always carry out production control when cooperating with Chinese manufacturers. By controlling production process, you don’t let the manufacturer to save on materials or on replacing good-quality equipment or technologies.