How We Work

One-stop Solution Provider in Sourcing Promotional Gifts from China
For many companies that are searching supplier of promotional items in China the process of sourcing in China looks very complicated and confusing. No doubt there are a lot of questions and ambiguities about the process of supplying gifts from China. Therefore we are trying to explain in as much detail as possible all the terms of the direct supply of promotional products from China. At the same time you can consider us as a one-stop solution; we handle the process of supply from China from processing the request to delivering the finished edition to the customers’ door.
  • Quotation

    If you’d like to get price offer on promotional products, please send us a request. For this purpose you can use any convenient form: through our website catalog using inquiry form, by e-mail or by phone. We guarantee 24-hour response to each inquiry. A response to your inquiry will contain all the necessary initial information, such as prices, production and delivery terms, cost of a sample, information about logo imprint. The work on client’s request starts immediately after receiving.
  • Negotiations

    The next stage of our cooperation is discussion of the details of the request. As a rule, here we discuss amendments to the request, the shape, color, size and final price of the promotional product. This stage is a key to successful cooperation, as we need to make sure that manufacturer and customer fully understand the characteristics of the product. In order to avoid discrepancies of the produced gifts, at the beginning we confirm all the conditions and details.
  • Sample Production

    Often, the next stage becomes a production of a sample. Especially when it comes to the production of a customized promotional item. Before production of the whole product run, we must be sure that the manufacturer can produce a product according to client’s design. Sample production is the most certain way for this. You can get ready sample by an express delivery as well as we can present a photo and video report via email or skype.
  • Payment & Production

    If the produced sample satisfies your demands, we sign the contract. According to usual terms of cooperation customer needs to make a prepayment of 30% of the order value before production. After getting payment the manufacturer starts production run. During all the term we apply quality control of the production. For this purpose, a representative of our company comes to the factory and checks the production process. After production of the entire run of gifts our staff also controls the process of shipping. The results of this check-up are presented in the audit report with photos and comments of the specialist. So that you can see the whole picture. At this stage, the client pays the remaining amount.
  • Shipment

    After all the gifts properly wrapped, packed and put into secure containers they are shipped to your destination. The produced promotional items can be delivered by several ways: by air or railway, car or shipping by sea. The choice of delivery is dependent on several factors, such as the urgency of delivery, the weight and nature of gifts and destination. All these factors are taken into account when designing the most optimal method of delivery in terms of timing and cost.

  • Delivery

    The last and most exciting stage is when you receive the goods. We are really happy to get your thankful reviews. We are honored to show some of our works in portfolio. And of course at this stage we hope that it is a new beginning to another order.

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