Corporate gifts: practical and not so much ones for office workers

Extraordinary gifts are more likely to trigger an emotional response and be long remembered. It is time to forget about pens and mugs with company logos, as they are nothing but boring. Unique and creative promotional items are the way to turn an ordinary event into a memorable celebration.

If amongst your audience there are office emploees, who spend hours at the desk, feel free to choose on of below-featured corporate gifts. These items will certainly be appreciated! They can be given to company staff members, partners or clients.

Animal face mugs

Mugs with logo are leaders among gifts for office workers. How about adding some flair to your office routine and turning an ordinary coffee-break into an entertaining experience for the whole team. Show originality and gift a set of different animal face mugs for the entire office. It will be well remembered! The amusing animal face image is applied to the bottom of the mug. It will definitely evoke a smile and relieve stress, accumulated throughout the day. The mug’s volume is 200-300 ml. It is easy to wash, while the image remains completely intact for a long while. These mugs are placed on top of work desks, so that all co-workers can appreciate their originality.

Hammock for feet

Feeling as if you are in a cozy chair is easy when you have this foot hammock handy. It provides support for tired legs, gifting them relaxation and rest. The hammock for feet is strong and durable, as its structure is made with metal and wood. At the same time, the canvas is pleasant to the touch and creates a unique feeling of detachment from all worries and concerns. A corporate gift like this will transform ordinary days at the office into a delightful experience.

Coffee warmers

No office can get by without having one. Whether during rainy autumn days, while the heating is not on yet, in gloomy summers or chilly winters, this coffee warmers always keep your drink hot. It is an ideal gift for any office employee, since even if he gets caught up with drafting a report or talking to a client, his morning coffee won’t get cold. The warmer comes with a power cord and a special mug. The indicator/turn on button is placed on the surface of the device.

Anti-Stress pillow

Got fed up with your colleagues or superiors? One precise blow will fix the situation. No room for violence, just soft, supple surface of the pillow, which easily takes all your indignation upon itself and allows you to blow off steam. Just connect it via USB to a computer or laptop and it is ready for use. The product dimensions are 14*22 cm. Such promotional item will lighten up the mood and become a hit among co-workers.

Basketball hoop

A small hoop and a ball are all you need to turn a boring lunch break into an exciting activity. Sitting down at a work desk for extensive periods of time without the ability to stretch and warm-up is the main cause of tension accumulation. The basketball hoop solves this issue. Hold company tournaments during corporate events, compete with your colleagues or start a tradition of beginning your day with a lucky shot.

Wooden stress reliever

Such stress reliever is an optimal corporate gift for an office table. It helps to distract yourself, ease the mind and loosen muscle tension. The wooden elements are nice to the touch, while the vibrant look pleases the eye.

We offer a million ideas for office gifts for emploees, which can be even better by imprinting your company logo. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these promotional products.


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